Gutters are prone to corrosion and gutter joints perish over time. Roofing Wales can provide proven gutter cleaning and lining solutions tailored to suit the condition of the existing gutters and in line with our client’s budgetary needs.
Roofing Wales will survey the substrate conciliation for our clientele and propose the best solution based on gutter condition and use of historical coatings by offers.
Our proposal will best suit the budget, compatibility with existing coatings and fragility of the substrate. Where corrosion has been, untreated and caused fragility, liners are preferable and offer 25 year warranties but coatings can offer from 10-12 years reliant on sound substrate.
Roofing Wales are not only experts in installing, maintaining and repairing roofs but we also deal with guttering systems too across South Wales We offer quality guttering maintenance service and have built our reputation over 35 years as a leading roofing and guttering specialist carrying out work on both commercial and industrial properties. We operate on both an industrial and commercial level and have the knowledge and vast experience in maintaining various types of gutters such as cast iron, aluminium, PVC and even bespoke guttering. So whatever design your commercial or industrial build is, you can be sure tat we can deliver a terrific job. Guttering is such an integral part of any roofing system and for that reason, no matter what your business is, you’re going to need quality guttering maintenance. For example, we have worked on guttering owned by local authorities, hospitals, farms, new-builds and even churches. If you’re looking for a professional gutter cleaning or maintenance service, look no further than Roofing Wales. It’s always a good idea to call in professionals like us to keep your guttering in good condition, however if repairs or replacements are needed due to damage or poor maintenance, we’ll be able to sort you out.

Why you should maintain your guttering

Gutters play an important role in any building so it’s vital to carry out proper and regular gutter maintenance. The purpose of a gutter is to redirect water flow off the roof and away from you commercial or industrial building. However, there are instances where this flow is impeded. If this happens then very costly roof repairs will ensue. Below are some common problems that can occur due to poorly maintain gutters:

  • Water Staining – This problem is particularly common if leaves, dirt, and general debris builds up in your gutter. Water cannot flow properly and so will build up and leak over the edge. Although this doesn’t normally cause any structural damage, the side of your commercial or industrial building will develop dirty looking stains.
  • Rotting Wood – This is a problem for buildings with wooden eves. As with water stain, if the water cannot drain properly it can build up on wooden structures. This not only leads to aesthetics issues but also substantial damage to the structure of your building, which can lead to a very expensive repair bill.
  • Sagging Gutters – If your gutters are clogged with debris, water will build up. If it does not flow over the side, it can make the guttering extremely heavy, causing it to sag. This problem is particularly bad during winter when there is a build-up of ice. As the years go on your guttering could come away from your building.
  • Mold – If water does not drain properly mould can develop. If this happens it can spread and cause integral issues with your structure.

To combat any of these problems, the simple answer is regular maintenance of your guttering. If you require more information about gutter maintenance or would like a free, no-obligation quote, please contact us