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Roofing Contractors local to Neath Port Talbot, South Wales offer quality and competitive roofer services to Swansea, Bridgend and Cardiff areas. If you need an urgent call out for broken or slipped slates, or a leaking roof? Roofing Wales are small enough to provide a cost-effective local roofer service, yet experienced and large enough to provide reliable and quality contract work. From roof maintenance and repair, storm damage and insurance work to large scale industrial construction, We have it covered.

Our roofing services offer an extensive range of options in slate roofing. We have all of the required knowledge to ensure a professional job.Below are our most commonly requested slate roof coverings, and some information on the materials. Further slate information can be found on our slate history page

Natural Slate Roofing.

Natural slate roofing tileInstalled properly, slate roofs require relatively little maintenance and will last 60 to 125 years or longer depending on the type of slate employed, roof configuration, and the geographical location of the property. Some slates have been known to last over 200 years.

Slate roofs are a distinctive and unique choice, they also make a home grand because of their unique, elegant appearance. We specialise in slate work and have an unrivalled understanding of natural slate and best practice for slate installation. We are also highly experienced in the refurbishment and maintenance of slate roofs.

If you have a new property and want to give it a more traditional look, then natural slate can be used on your roof to achieve this. For all period properties we can use reclaimed slate to blend seamlessly. If the original roof slates are in good condition, but slipping because of nail fatigue, we can salvage all good quality slates, making up numbers with similar slates, this is a good alternative, especially if the property is a listed building.

Synthetic Slate Roofing – New Slate Roof.

synthetic-slate-rooferOnce the domain of thick, ugly, concrete ‘wedges’, synthetic slate roof tiles can now be found manufactured from a wide range of materials. New manufacturing processes have even bought improved levels of quality (especially to colour fastness) and refinement to their appearance.

Often usable at lower roof pitches, man-made slates can also be lighter and contain recycled or more eco-friendly materials that may help you gain ‘credit’ in the sustainability assessment of your planning policy statement. Prices of the cheaper man-made slates can also be significantly less than natural slate.

Fibre cement – smooth, dark-grey and black fibre cement slates manufactured by Cembrit and Marley Eternit are the most well-known, possibly due to their low cost and ease of availability. Available in different colours and textures, fibre cement slates have a typical lifespan of 30-50 years, although colour fastness can be considerably less. Due to the materials used in their manufacture, manufacturers recommend the use of copper fixings.

Plastic or rubber slates are becoming increasingly popular, mainly because of their eco credentials and ease of installation. Because of their use of recycled materials and claimed lifespans of 50+ years, they can be of great interest, especially to the eco builder. Prices do tend to be expensive (higher than even the best quality natural slate), and that’s before you factor in the price of fixings.

Reconstituted stone and reconstituted slate tiles are typically made up of 60-80% recycled materials. Offering a more natural appearance than pure plastic or rubber slates, these weather naturally over time to provide a unique patina to every roof.

Modern Glass fibre concrete stone slate, pre-weathered and finished by hand, are a much improved alternative to concrete slates. In particular, glass fibre concrete offers a viable and attractive alternative to natural stone slates – typically at half the price and weight of reclaimed stone slate.

With all of our slate roofing projects, the following works are included in your new slate roof quotation:

  • Lead flashings.
  • Chimney backgutters (where necessary).
  • Ridges.
  • Aluminium soakers (for parapet walls and abutments).
  • Valleys (where necessary).

Extras worth Considering With Your New Slate Roof.

  • Guttering renewal.
  • Fascia board and Soffit replacement.
  • Chimney capping.
  • Insulation (300 mm of Rockwool is a standard requirement for the council inspection).

Roofing Wales is a Neath based Roofing Contractor, offering Residential/Domestic and Industrial/Commercial Roofing services in the Neath Port Talbot, Swansea, Bridgend, Cardiff, Llanelli and throughout the South Wales areas. Should you have any queries or would like a quotation for any roofing work or services, please Contact Roofing Wales where we would be more than happy to help.