The material components of Wall Cladding are attached as external surfaces to the primary structure of a building, which are non-structural and would usually not contribute to its stability. This is different to buildings in which the external surfaces are formed by structural elements, such as masonry walls.

Wall Cladding, however, does perform an important structural role by transferring external loads back to the structural framework, such as wind loads, impact loads, and its own material load weight.

As Industrial Roofing and Cladding contractors we provide services all over the country from small business to heavy industry. Roofing Wales provide roofing services to the majority of the Industrial and commercial sector. Whether you believe that your roof needs replacing, refurbishing or simply routine maintenance, we can help.

New Build and Refurbishment.

Commercial roof cladding contractorsWe offer a complete service for the construction of new roofs and cladding systems, from the initial design and development to installation and after care. We also provide full or part refurbishment schemes including complete over cladding, or where required, a complete strip, dismantle and re-clad. We are able to strip and re-roof or over-clad existing roofs, which not only improves safety for your employees but also enhance the look of your building.

Working in both the new build and refurbishment market Roofing Wales provide wall cladding services including:

  • Wall over-cladding to asbestos sheeted walls
  • Asbestos wall cladding removal / new insulated wall cladding
  • Single skin anti-condensation wall cladding for unheated buildings
  • Overcladding to brickwork / stone walling with or without insulation
  • Architectural insulated wall panels to new build units
  • Standard trapezoidal insulated wall panel installations

Your health and safety is the prime consideration in every project, for our workers and yours. We achieve this with scaffold aluminium towers, cherry pickers, safety netting, etc Our refurbishment projects realize the client specifications however multifaceted the commission may be. If you’re not sure whether your particular works are able to be approached as a refurbishment project or not, please contact us.

Asbestos Removal.

Many laws have been introduced regarding the handling and use of asbestos Roofing Wales are fully trained in asbestos removal HSG 210. Additionally there are many other reasons for having your existing asbestos replaced as well as these new laws.

These include:

  • It is an employer’s responsibility to reduce exposure to asbestos fibres.
  • It is the duty of employers to carry out health screening of workers exposed to asbestos.
  • Insurance claims for asbestos-related diseases are rising.

Costs for the removal or re-cladding of asbestos roofing or cladding are higher due to the need for specialist breathing equipment & safety clothing. Our employees are trained and certified in the safe handling of all types of asbestos so you can be sure that if you get the job done safely and cost effectively.

Industrial Roof Repair and Maintenance Program.

The lifespan of roofing and cladding is to a point dependent on how it is maintained. Roofing Wales respond quickly to urgent repairs and our on-going maintenance service helps to identify any damage or weaknesses before they develop into a full blown (or gale blown!) emergency.

Roofing Wales install a range of wall cladding systems to both new build commercial and industrial buildings and for refurbishment of existing buildings. Wall cladding systems can be installed both as insulated wall cladding systems or as just as a single skin overlay dependant on the buildings requirements.

Wall cladding designs can be achieved in traditional corrugated / trapezoidal cladding or in the latest micro-rib and flat finished designs.

Wall cladding panels can be finished in a range of RAL / BS Colours and are also supplied in Metallic / Prisma finishes for more high-end designs.

Whatever your wall cladding requirements, from a detailed site survey Roofing Wales can provide you with a range of wall cladding products, designs and installation techniques to suit our clients thermal requirements and budget. Roofing Wales have installed wall cladding to many sites and site visits to review the product, workmanship and design can be arranged.

Service Area:

  • Neath Port Talbot
  • Swansea Llanelli Llansamlet
  • Cardiff


  • Consultancy, Design and Detailing.
  • Supply & erection of all types of cladding systems.
  • Composite panel.
  • Metal.
  • Cement – Fibre.
  • New & Refurbishment Projects.
  • Cladboy® & Modular Spreader Beam Systems.
  • CSCS Registered.
  • Repair & Maintenance.
  • Overclad Contractors.
  • Steel Cladding.
  • Countrywide service.

We not only offer roofing maintenance but we can also maintain and fit day lighting systems too. We can replace all of your old and unsafe roof lights with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your business. It is amazing how a new roof light brings a lot more light to the building (saving you money on your electric bill).